Is InstaSculpting like Cool Sculpting? While both offer non-invasive slimming and fat reduction there are not the same procedure. InstaSculpting is not like Cool Sculpting because it uses painless sound waves to break up stubborn fat. Cool Sculpting uses cold to freeze fat cells so they break apart, but it can be painful and it leaves a red mark or even bruising. InstaSculpting leaves no marks on your body; in fact, you can wear a swimsuit right after your slimming session with InstaSculpting.

Is Cool Sculpting Safe?

Some medical practictioners consider Cool Sculpting safe; however, some have stopped offering the service due to PAH, or paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. This occurs in very few patients, but it actually freezes the fat and it never goes away. Some news outlets call this the “butter stick” effect because the frozen fat stays in the shape of the Cool Sculpting wand. The only solution to remove the butter stick is to have surgery under total anesthesia. This could mean an entire summer of not being able to wear a swimsuit at all, and the risks associated with surgery.

How Safe Is InstaSculpting?

InstaSculpting is completely safe with zero downtime or redness. Many fitness models do instaSculpting before their competitions, eliminating that final stubborn layer of fat gone for good. The reason that it is totally safe is that it uses sound waves that our bodies naturally encounter everyday. InstaSculpting focuses these sound waves only onto your fat. The ultrasonic sound causes the fat cells to vibrate and form small bubbles that destroy the fat cell wall, allowing the fatty contents to be eliminated from your body.

What Does It Feel Like?

InstaSculpting doesn’t “feel” like much, but you will hear the sound of the procedure working in your ears. It sounds like a light humming because the sound waves are bouncing off of your fatty tissues. Some of the wands of the machine warm up or can cause a slight muscle vibration, but no sensations are painful or unpleasant. Most of the customers who use instaSculpting watch TV while it is being performed.

We invite you to come and try InstaSculpting for yourself! Our experienced team of professionals will help you achieve your body goals painlessly and without any marks or downtime. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a confident new you. Don’t hesitate, schedule your appointment now and start your journey towards a more sculpted and confident version of yourself.

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