Strength Training in Orange County

Coastal Orange County is known for its beautiful beaches and beautiful people, and now strength training. Everyday you can see active people exercising and building toned bodies. But what is available for recovery after the training and exercise class? Cryo Recovery Lounge is the only place in OC to find all of the below amenities under one roof. Come see us after your workout and feel completely recovered.

Recovery for Serious Athletes

Classes ranging from cross-training to yoga all cause significant muscle soreness. Cryo Recovery Lounge offers 5 treatments for athletic recovery.

Woman after strength training in cryosauna
  • Cryotherapy: a brief 3 minute treatment wherein the body is immersed in sub-zero cold air. This painless procedure helps to reduce exercise inflammation in the same way an ice pack does, but for your entire body all at once.
  • Infrared Sauna: Our sauna offers infra-red heat that can be paired with red-light therapy. This can relieve your pain, help with weight loss and metabolism, and provide a private and soothing sweat.
  • Mild Hyperbaric Chamber: This treatment provides oxygen-enhanced air that helps in relieving inflammation, pain, and preparing athletes for vigorous exercise.
  • NormaTec Compression: Compression therapy helps tissue-fluids circulate better throughout the body. Our NormaTec sleeves help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, especially after running, boxing, or strength training.
  • Percussion Massage: Our staff can provide a soothing percussion massage with our Hypervolt massage device. This helps in targeting specific sore areas to help you maintain your active lifestyle.

Beauty Treatments for Women

InstaSculpting has its home in OC. This body sculpting treatment breaks down fat cells through the use of ultrasonic sound waves.  As the fat cells are broken open their fatty contents are filtered out of your body through the lymph system.  This totally painless procedure is superior to those systems that use cold (e.g., cryoliposis) and results are noticeable immediately.  All areas of the body can be treated and toned.

Six-Pack Treatments for Men

InstaSculpting offers body-sculpting treatments that men can enjoy as well. Most guys have difficulty keeping a toned body after age 35, and instaSculpting can deliver results that everyone can see. In a single treatment men can see measurable results in their abs, arms, and legs. The process is painless and helps men see their gains without any surgery or harsh chemicals.